Sweep, Chapel, Cathedral, Royal, just to name the most common wedding dress train lengths.

Trains evolved to show status and wealth. Princesses chose long trains to show that their families could afford these expensive materials. Because other brides wanted to emulate the royal style, bridal trains became popular for all classes.

Nowadays, we see a lot of the back view, especially during the ceremony, the train allows for added interest from behind for guests and photographs.

Some details on trains which are being worn more include sheer lace, full lace, godet inserts, ruffles, beading, and even detachable trains.

After the grand entrance, your train may be able to be bustled for dancing the night away.

Above all, our top reason why you should have a wedding dress train, is your photos, and bridal portraits, these will be gorgeous and you definitely won’t regret! A wedding dress with a train somehow sparks the magic and transforms you from a woman wearing a dress, into a beautiful bride!