Give Your Guests Notice

Give your guests plenty of notice and time to arrange travel and accomodation especially if they are travelling from out of town or overseas. 


Dance Alternatives

For those guests who aren’t so keen to get down and boogie on the dance floor, consider having some other options. 

Photobooths, lawngames, pool table, shoe game are some top faves, or just have a quieter space away from the dance floor where people can talk and mingle. 

Food & Drink

Welcome drink, It’s such a nice thing to offer to all your guests on arrival and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

For food, go big! There is nothing worse than running out of food or having hungry guests at the end of the evening.

Tea & Coffee is always a popular option at the end of the evening to have ready available. 

Chat To Your Guests!

Your guests have come to celebrate you and your love so take the time to chat to every guest, they are all there for you! 

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

If you are having a summer wedding and it’s a scorching hot day consider keeping your guests comfortable and cool by having plenty of shelter, before, during and after the ceremony. You could even provide sunblock as they arrive!

same goes with a winter wedding, your guests will find it hard to concentrate on your sweet vowels if they are sitting there shivering, so if you are planning an outdoor ceremony in the cooler months consider having outdoor heaters and blankets.